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Жизнь на корабле

При наведении мышкой на фото будет полная информация о снимке.

In the lee of the port bow while becalmed, 1932–33

Looking out along the bowsprit, 1933

The main deck looking forward, 1932–3

Furling sail on the main yard, 1932–33

1928 курсанты танцуют

Looking aft from aloft while at anchor, 1933

On the forecastle head in fine weather, March – June 1933

1933 Two of the crew sitting right aft on the starboardside of the poop, renewing the caulking or a smallarea of decking.

Scraping the deck, 1932–33

Men and women onlookers at the end of the quay looking at the forest of masts and sails in the harbour

Men and women onlookers at the end of the quay looking at the forest of masts and sails in the harbour

Mr P.M Anderson and Russ on the 'Scotia'

Scot at his bath attended by his faithful servant 'Lamps'

The trawler 'Refuge' under sail, close to the trawler 'Greyhound', in the outer harbour outward bound

A quarterdeck scene on board HMS 'Trafalgar' at Malta

Wallaby on board HMS 'Renown'

Maori children onboard HMS 'Penguin'

Looking aft towards the quarterdeck on HMS 'Penguin' 1902-1905

Two survivors from the 'Elingamite' onboard HMS 'Penguin'


Restful days at Anchor while onboard the Parma

Poodle on board an unknown yacht

Goat HMS 'Irresistible'

The ship's cats, HMS 'Hawkins'

Dog on board HMS 'Laforey'

Crewman with his model of the 'Parma', 1932–33

A sailor and his accordion onboard the Parma

The mainmast, under sail, March – July 1932

Staff of Royal Naval College, c.1900

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