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Уличные фотографии .Фотограф George Krause

По Брейгелю.Филадельфия,1961
by George Krause.BREUGHEL (Брейгель)Philadelphia,1961

by George Krause

Cemetery Path.Italy,1967
by George Krause.Cemetery Path.Italy,1967

Swing Wildwood,NJ,1962
by George Krause.Swing Wildwood, NJ,1962

White horse,1963
by George Krause.White horse,1963

Задира,Испания 1963
by George Krause.Mocking.Spain,1963

Испанские тени,1964
by George Krause.Shadow Spain, 1964

by George Krause

Уличный фотограф в Испании,1969
by George Krause.Street Photographer.Spain,1969

by George Krause.Slide.Philadelphia,1970

Ангелы и Херувимы.Филадельфия 1962
by George Krause.Angel & Cherubs. Philadelphia,1962

Рука Фатимы,Испания 1964
by George Krause.Hand of Fatima.Spain,1964

португалия 1970
by George Krause.Portugal,1970

Филадельфия 1962
by George Krause.Philadelphia,1962

Miss Haversham.Philadelphia,1959
by George Krause.Miss Haversham.Philadelphia,1959

Иконописец.Филадельфия 1966
by George Krause.Icon Painter.Philadelphia,1966

Федора.Филадельфтя 1959
by George Krause.Fedora.Philadelphia,1959

Черная Венера.Филадельфия 1960
by George Krause. Black Venus. Philadelphia, 1960

Ступени в Южной Каролине 1961
by George Krause STAIRSSouth Carolina,1961

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