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Французская военная азбука 1880 года

Military French Alphabet Book Poster 1880. Illustrations by Henri de Sta

A is for Artillery

B is for Brigadier

C is for Cuirassier

D is for Dragoon

E is for Etat Major - Staff

F is for Fourrier

G is for Gendarme

H is for Saupeur

I is for Male nurse

J is for Justice and Order

K is for Picture

L is for Telegraphiques

M is for Medecin Major

O is for Officer

P is for Flag bearer

Q is for Master Quarter (A marine)

R is for Reservist

S is for Saint Cyr

T is for Turco

U is for Uniforme

V is for Vaguemestre (Military Postmaster)

X is for X. Polytechnic

Y is for Commander of supply lines (road or rail trains)

Z is for Zouave

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