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Vintage Little Golden Book 3

серия детских книжек "A Little Golden Book"

~ The Golden Sleepy Book by Margaret Wise Brown. Pictures by Garth Williams

~ The Three Bears Illustrated by F. Rojankovsky

A Year in the City by Lucy Sprague Mitchell,pictures by Tibor Gergely,1948

Busy Timmy, 1948 by Eloise Wilkin

The Seven Sneezes by Olga Cabral and pictures by Tibor Gergely, 1948

Little Peewee,pictures by J.P. Miller, 1948

A Little Golden Book My First Book

~ Babys Mother Goose-Pat-A-Cake, illustrations by Aurelius Battaglia, 1948

A Name for Kitty by Feodor Rojankovsky

Our Puppy by Elsa Ruth Nast,Illustrations by Feodor Rojankovsky

Little Black Sambo, 1948 pictures by Gustaf Tenggren

A Year on the Farm by Lucy Sprague Mitchell and illustratied by Richard Floethe, 1948

~ Nursery Rhymes

Guess Who Lives Here by Louise Woodcock, pictures by Eloise Wilkin

The New House in the Forest by Lucy Sprague Mitchell. Pictures by Eloise Wilkin

We Like to Do Things by Walter M.Mason. Pictures by Steffie Lerch

Chip Chip by Norman Wright. Pictures by Nino Carbe

Trim The Christmas Tree

The Gingerbread Man, 1953

~ Margaret Wise Brown, Two Little Miners

~ The Jolly Barnyard by Annie North Bedford. Pictures by Tibor Gergely

~ Little Galoshes Illustrated by J.P. Miller Written by Kathryn, 1949

Good Morning/Good Night

When You Were a Baby, 1949

Johnny's machines

Mr. Noah and His Family by Jane Werner. Pictures by Alice and Martin Provensen
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