Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Vintage Pulp Covers

Любителям фантастики посвещается..

Cover Art by Reina M. Bull, 1952

Cover by Robert Schulz, 1952

Cover Art by Stanley Meltzoff, 1954

Cover Art by Eddie Jones, 1974

British Paperback,1950

Cover Art by Robert Schulz, 1956

Cover Art by Jack Gaughan,1965

Cover Art by Orbaan Schulz, 1953

Art by Earle Bergey, 1951

Cover Art by Earle Bergey, 1952

Cover Art by Robert Schulz, 1954

Cover by Robert Schulz, 1957

Cover by Ron Turner, 1950

Cover by Ronald Sydney Embleton. British Paperback, 1953

Cover Art by Richard Powers, 1956

Cover Art by Jim Mitchell, 1961

British Paperback, Cover Art by Ron Turner, 1950

Cover Art by Mel Hunter, 1951

Cover by Robert Schulz, 1954

The Solarians, 1967

Cover Art by Charles Moll, 1974

Cover Art by Kelly Freas, 1959

Cover Art by Ron Turner, 1953

Cover Art by Terry Maloney, 1952


Tags: pulp magazines, vintage cover, vintage illustrations, космос

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