Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Пионер цветной фотографии Marie Cosindas

American photographer, born 1925

Marie Cosindas Yves Saint Laurent, Paris 1968

Marie Cosindas Andy Warhol, NYC 1966

Lenore, Boston 1965

Paul with Artichoke, Paris, France 1968

The Golden Vase, Los Angeles 1970

Amy, Boston 1965

Masks, Boston 1966

Diane 1967

Fragrance 1984

Christmas, London 1970

The Cincinnati Art Museum Centennial Still Life 1980

Secret of Sense 1984

Asparagus III, 1967

Richard Merkin, The Dandies, 1967

Barbara and Fred (1976)

Barbara (1976)

Louise Nevelson (1970)

Fernando (1966)

Baby's Breath Bouquet (1976)

Tulips and snapdragons (1976

Faye & Peter, 1976

Dolls, Boston (1965)

Tags: color photo, photographer, portrait, портреты, фотограф

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