Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Арт барахолка

Peter Paul Rubens - Venus at a mirror (1615)

Vladimir Yoffe Wild Horses, 1940

Wonderful telescope by Bob May

Toller Cranston

Ashmole 1504. 'The Tudor pattern book'

Arata Isozaki, Tsukuba Center Building, Japan, 1979

Fred L. Packer, Mavis Perfume, August 1920

Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt. Alfred Stevens (Belgian, 1823-1906)

Matthias Gerung (1500-1570)

Socialism Throttling the Country

Illustration by Walter Hunt Everett

Franz von Stuck, Le Chasseur de Dragon - 1913

Henry Clive

The Black Mass, by Manuel Orazi (1903)

Russian Maidens (1920). Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova (Russian, 1881-1962)

Tags: art, vintage illustrations, арт барахолка

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