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Robin Williams. Photographs by Arthur Grace

Вышла книга с воспомнаниями и фотографиями Robin Williams от друга семьи фотографа Arthur Grace

Posing with his poodle Kiwi at his home in San Francisco.Photograph by Arthur Grace

Robin Williams and daughter Zelda in New York in 1989

Robin and Marsha Williams on their wedding day, at Lake Tahoe, April 30, 1989

Robin and Marsha, New York, 1989

Performing at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 1986

At home in San Francisco, 1990.

Dressing room immediately after his ninety-minute sold-out performance at Universal , 1995

At home playing a video game in the kids' playroom, San Francisco, 1993

Robin with Zelda, San Francisco, 1990

Easter, San Francisco, 1995.

Arthur Grace Robin and his son Zak, San Francisco, 1995.

Last minute rehearsal before taking stage for a live comic relief show, New York, 1990.

With one of his beloved lightweight bikes outside his garage (There were twenty more inside).

Robin Williams and photographer Arthur Grace

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