Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Винтажные музыкальные журналы

Peter Haars, 1970s

Jack Bruce. Photo de Robert Whitaker

The Standells


Sarolta Zalatnay

Open City, 1967

Lemmy Kilmister , Copenhagen 1972

Senta Berger, 1969

Hippies, 1969

Grateful Dead, 1967

Jim Marshall photographing the Grateful Dead

The Doors. California Rock Festival, 1968. Photo by Jim Marshall

Lothar Gunther Buchheim, 1969

The Kinks,1965

Grace Slick, by Jim Marshall

Marc Bolan

Golden Gate Park, 1967

Jerry Garcia, 1967

Janis Joplin, 1967 by Jim Marshall

John Cipollina, 1968

Eric Clapton by Jim Marshall, 1967

San Francisco, 1966

Jefferson Airplane, 1967 by Jim Marshall

Pop Music Festival, 1970

Tags: rock 'n' roll, vintage posters

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