Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Beautiful Old Books

1. Crackers in Bed (1955). Vic Fredericks. Cover art by Casey Jones. Pocket Book

2. Aesop for Children. Illustrated By Milo Winter, 1919

3. Fairies I Have Met. Mrs. (Maud Margaret) Rodolph Stawell. Illustrated by Edmund Dulac, 1910

4. Helping the Weatherman. Written and illustrated by Gertrude Alice Kay,1920

5. The True Mother Goose. Blanche McManus Mansfield, 1895

6. Fairy Book. Written and illustrated by Edmund Dulac, 1916

7. Legends of Classical Antiquity. Gustav Schwab, 1882.

8. Travel a Little Parisian of Paris Sea. Constant of Tours.French Editions, 1898. Binding by Paul Souze. Cover design by Leon Rudnicki

9. A Dream of Fair Women. Alfred Tennyson.London, 1905-1911

10. A Dream of Fair Women. Alfred Tennyson. London, 1905

11. The Star of the Fairies. Mrs. C.W. Elphinstone Hope. John Laurent Illustrator.London, 1881

12. Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare.Charles and Mary Lamb. London, 1899.Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

13. Hans Christian Andersen’s Stories for the Household, 1893

14.The Golden Playbook.Alfred J. Johnson Illustrator, 1886

15. Whispers from Fairyland. Edward Hugessen Knatchbull-Hugessen, 1874

16. The Children of the Week.Illustrated by DeWitt Clinton Peters, 1889

17. The Twelve Dancing Princesses. A Story By Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Illustrated by Sheilah Beckett, 1954

18. The Merchant Vessel: A Sailor-Boy’s Voyages to See the World, 1884

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