Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Винтажные иллюстрации из журналов

Illustration Herbert Morton Stoops

Winold Reiss

Erte for Harpers_Bazaar "Les-Bulles"

Erte for Harpers_Bazaar "Les Parfums"

George Petty

Pedro Llanuza, 1930

Stanley Galli, 1951

Douglass Crockwell, 1930 Moby Dick Advertising

Fortunio Matania for Britannia & Eve Magazine, 1915

R. Wilson Hammell, 1930


Glorious Medallion - Rolf Armstrong

John Waterhouse - Labelle

Edwin Georgi

Charles Sheldon for Movie Classic Magazine, 1936

Harrison Fisher, 1907

Malcolm Strauss, 1905

Herbert Paus

Milliere "The_Kiss"

B. Cory Kilvert, 1907

Henry Clive -The Bride

Elbert Jackson - Microphone

Henry Clive - Weekly Chinese for Cover for The American Weekly - July 26, 1933

Willy Müller Gera - Faun, 1920

Tags: vintage magazine illustration, иллюстрации

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