Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Best magazine covers 2014

Traveller 2014. Illustrator Elliot Quince's plasticine

Downton Abbey-Harpers Bazaar 2014

magazine New York 2014

Popular Mechanics 2014

Vogue Japan August 2014

Thomas Burden Modus Cover 2014

Boston, 2014 We Will Finish the Race

Covers Business Wired 2014- How The U.S Almost Killed The Internet

The New York Time 2014

Floyd Mayweather in The Fight Issue

The Advocate, December 2014/January 2015, Person of the Year

Brides, October/November, Get Inspired

Texas Monthly, Welcome to Big City, Texas 2014

Texas Monthly, The 50 Best BBQ Joints

The New York Time 2014

Stylist magazine 2014 by Retales Botijero

ScienceNews, 2014

Rolling Stone 2014 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

TIME Ebola fighters

The New York Time 2014

Daily Mirror 2014

Lindsay Lohan Time Out London Magazine 2014

Science 2014

Norwegian 2014

Numero-Homme 2014

Lemonde cover 2014

TIME Putin-cover

Kaleidoscope 2014

2014 Wmagazine Jake Gyllenhaal

Esquire 2014

2014 Harpers

Vice, August 2014, Cover by Coral Morphologic


Men's Health, November 2014, The Ultimate Men's Health

L’insensé Africa 2014

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