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Vintage book cover

Baron Munchausen. 1882

Study of the city of Detroit Jaquish, 1929

Dorothy Dainty at school

Tales from Shakespeare, Charles & Mary Lamb, illustrated,1907

Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote, 1605

Hawthorn and lavender William Ernest Henley, 1901

Songs for the Little Ones,1874

The Child of the Air by Mrs. M. H. Spielmann 1910

The friendly town, 1906 cover by Bertha Stuart

The friendly town, 1906 cover by Bertha Stuart

Japan and her people,1902

Vintage Book Cover "Wessex" by Clive Holland, Illustrated by Walter Tyndale

Gateway to Romance

Gedichte Horn, H.1898

Salvador Dalí’s Rare, Erotic Vintage Cookbook

The compleat angler,1896

Sister Janeby, 1896

In Search of a Father

The spell of the Holy Land

The White Company by Conan Doyle/Illustrated by N.C.Wyeth

1883 The Night Before Christmas Book by Clement C. Moore

he tent on the beach, 1899

The Days of Auld Lang Syne, Ian Maclaren, 1896

Love in Art ~ Vintage Book Cover

The Little Colonel's knight comes riding

The Dominant Chord, 1912, illustrated by William Bunting

La Cinématographie française, 1918

Norman H Pitman, Chinese playmates, 1911

Crimson Fairy

The abandoned farmer, 1901


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