Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Spanish photographer Alberto Shommer

Ранние работы

Vitoria, 1957 - Страна басков

El Capullo 1997

Cardinal Tarancon in the portrait 'Cardinal trying to sort out the confusion. "

Eduardo Chillida

Santiago Bernabeu

Portrait of Andy Warhol, Madrid, 1982

Roy Lichtenstein 1983

Communist Party of Spain

Conservative Party of Spain

Salvador Dalí 1973

Judge Baltasar Garzon, series 'Enigma'

Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez

Alberto Schommer in the study

Серия фотографических портретов, созданных в 1980-х годах Альберто Schommer

Andy Warhol

José Hierro 1990

Photographer Alberto Shommer while reading his inaugural speech at the Academy of Fine Arts

'La modelo' 2007

Alberto Schommer

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