Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Libraries Ex Libris Collection

artist is Fritz Schwimbeck, Munich (1899-1977)

N.I. Konrad Russia 1964

Marina Richterova

Czech artist Ladislav Rusek

Alfred Cossman Ex libris, 1912

Rudolf Junk (Austrian, 1880-1943). Ex libris Rudolf JunkLithograph, 1914

Stanielewicz Malgorzata, Polonia

Julian Jordanov - Bélgica

R. Kopylov Rulfia

Almira Rockefeller

A Rabbit by Andy English

Czech Republic

Alfred Cossmann (Austrian, 1870-1951) Ex libris Arthur Graf Etching, 1912

Arnošt Hofbauer (Czech, 1869-1944). Ex libris Leopold HeyrovskyLithograph, 1914

Konstantin Kalinovich bookplate, from the collection of Richard Sica

Cecil B. DeMille

A Dragon by Daniel Mitsui

Vladimir Bujarik Czechoslovakia, 1959
Tags: ex libris, графика

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