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любовь, любовь, любовь ..

Фотовыставка на тему любви в галерее Camera Work (Camera Work)

Steve Schapiro - "Love-Hippie", 1967

Brian Duffy - Sammy Davis Jr. and His Wife May Britt

Christian Tagliavini, Carte, Justus Il Traditore

Brian Duffy - Nina Simone and her daughter Simone, 1965

Michel Comte, Mike Tyson, Training Camp, Ohio, 1990

Thomas Billhardt, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, 1959

Thomas Bill Hardt - Visit of Leonid Brezhnev in Berlin for the 25th anniversary of the GDR. 1974

Steve Schapiro - Barbra Streisand Singing to her Son Jason · 1967

Steve Schapiro - Goldie Hawn with Oliver

Ralph Mecke - Skull Lou Doillon, 2004

Steve Schapiro - Robert F. Kennedy and His Wife Ethel on a Campaign Plane, 1968

David Drebin - Wheels And Heels, 2013

Ralph Mecke - Still Life with Black Roses, Paris, 2005

Michel Comte - Jenny Shimuzu in Bed With Another Woman, Los Angeles, 1993

Brian Duffy, „Love“ for Queen Magazine

Ellen Von Unwerth, The Story of Olga. When The Cat is Away, 2011

Yoram Roth - Yellow Petals Resting on the Table

Russell James - „Love“, Los Angeles, 2006

Tags: photographer, св∀Lка, фотограф

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