Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Beautiful Old Books

The Gem of the Season. New York: Leavitt & Allen, 1856. Michael Zinman

Kipling-Collected Verse,1910 by W. Heath Robinson

Ralph-Chicago and the World's Fair, 1893

Amy Richards-Fowler, 1899

Wilkins-Pembroke, 1894

Starkweather-Weyman-Little Wizard, 1895

Along New England Roads, 1892

Sangster-Easter Bells

Stuart, Ruth McEnery-Carlotta's Intended and Other Stories

Walker-Letters of a Baritone

Starkweather-Parker, Gilbert-March of the White Guard, 1902

Starkweather-Weyman-Little Wizard, 1902

Lady of the Lake

Wallace-Prince of India, 1893

The pilot of the Mayflower by Hezekiah Butterworth, 1898

Insect Life by C. A. Ealand 1921

Stories from English History, 1892

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