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Katia Lexx

photos by Yale Joel

Buying flowers from a sidewalk vendor

Night traffic on the Major Deegan Expressway. New York, June 1958

New York City, July 1952.

Salvador Dali, 1954

Yale is photographing Phillipe Halsman who is photographing Salvador Dalí

President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural parade. Washingotn, 1961

Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday at the Democratic rally for President John F. Kennedy

Actress Julia Meade

Spring 1954

Jim Morrison, 1968

Republican guards lining up at the rear entrance to the Palais de Challot. Paris,1948

Zurich, Switzerland,1948

A policeman helping a boy fix his bicycle

Drive In Church 1951

Sidewalk Café Paris 1948

Hitchcock’s Haunted House Party

Beauty Contest 1962

Pipe Smoking Contest

Socialites dancing at Society Benefit ball held at Old Vanderbilt mansion. Newport, 1951

JFK & Jackie, Waldorf Astoria, November 1956

Burlesque Show

Chorus girls entertaining at the Latin Quarter night club

College Fashions

Ella Fitzgerald singing at the Democratic rally for President John F. Kennedy's birthday

Feeding pigeons in an empty Times Square during a taxi strike, 1948

Paris, Mars 1948

Man Ray October 1947

Jacques Tati comically getting out of a cab, New York, October 1951

Ticket booth

Jacques Tati

Banana walking, 1951

Cadet checking his appearance before drills at Davenport high school, 1953.

American travelers building a sand replica of France’s medieval abbey at Mont-Saint-Michel,1948

Ruth King won prize the most beautiful costume during the Urban League Bal at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. New York, 1949

Salesman is demonstrating a spring hat in New York City, 1962

Honeymoon couple gazing at Niagara Falls. New York, 1970

Paris in the fog, 1948

Batman Adam West (R) and Robin Burt Ward during shooting of scene

Americans In Paris, October 1947

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