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Katia Lexx

Подозрительно знакомые лица..

Lightnin Hopkins

Frank Zappa

Marianne Faithfull, son Nicholas and Mick Jagger on vacation in Rio de Janeiro, 1967. Photographed by Adger Cowans


Jim Morrison by Paul Ferrara, 1968.

Джим со своим псом по кличке Mr. Mojo Risin

Janis Joplin by Baron Wolman, 1967

Rod Stewart, by Steve Emberton

Jimi Hendrix

Cher, dancing at Studio 54

David Bowie by David Lachapelle

Steven Tyler

Yoko and John by Gijsbert Hanekroot, 1971. Джон и Йоко в Лондонском Сэлфридже продвигают второе издание Йокиного Grapefruit

Mick RockMick Ronson & David Bowie. Oxford Town Hall (1972)

Jim Morrison photographed by Chuck Boyd, 1967

Keith Richards

Robert Plant admiring himself in mirror, photo by Neal Preston

Frank Zappa

Liv Tyler & Steven Tyler

Mick Jagger photographed by Gered Mankowitz, 1966

Joe Perry 1982 by Marc S Canter

Jimmy Page and Screaming Lord Stuch.

Debbie Harry by Brad Elterman. Backstage at The Whiskey A Go Go, 1978

Tags: celebrities, rock 'n' roll, знаменитости

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