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American rock and roll photographer Mark Weiss

Американский фотограф Марк Вайс

Lemmy - Motorhead NYC 1986

Van Halen

Freddie Mercury Madison Square Garden, NYC 1982

Alice Cooper

Angus Young by Mark Weiss, 1984

Jon Bon Jovi by Mark Weiss, 1989

Jon Bon Jovi of Bon Jovi, USA 1985

Angus Young by Mark Weiss, 1984

Dave Mustaine Megadeth 1988

Ozzy Osbourne Los Angeles, CA 1982

Rod Stewart 1979

Madonna , MTV interview 1982

Tom Petty 1981

Van HalenLos Angeles 1982

Ozzy Osbourne 1981

Zakk Wylde by Mark Weiss

Lita Ford NYC 1985

Dokken And Freddy Krueger Boston, Mass 1988

Glenn Hughes - The Village People NYC 1979

Guns n Roses 1988

LED ZEPPELIN (Jimmy Page) Madison Squre Garden NYC

Frank Zappa, Max's Kansas City, NYC, 1981

Pat Benatar 1982

Adam Ant

Mick Jagger Hartford, Connecticut 1981

Keith Richards Hartford, Connecticut 1981

Bruce Kulick - KISS 1988

Destiny's Child, USA 2000

Anthrax - NYC 1987

Slayer Los Angeles, CA 1985

Robert Smith by Mark Weiss

OZZY In Drag 1986

Metallica San Francisco,CA 1986


ozzy closet April 1981 Parker Meridian hotel

Rick James, Los Angeles 2005

Motley Crue - New York 1984

Rick James Buffalo, NY 1981

Steven Tyler by Mark Weiss

Cheech and Chong, NYC, 1981

Jon Bon Jovi

Van Halen, Philadelphia 1981.

Lita Ford 1983

Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose, Hollywood, CA. 1988


Tags: celebrities, photographer, rock 'n' roll, фотограф

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