Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Винтажные обложки пластитнок.

Honky Tonk piano

Michael Jackson

Chumbawamba "Anarchy" (1994)

Visage - Night Train


The Lotus Eaters

The Cure - Close to me

The Clash

Stephen Duffy - Unkiss That Kiss

Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip

Michael Dee

Madonna - Into The Groove

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting


die Doreus & die Marinas

Depeche Mode - New Life

Depeche Mode - See You

Classix Nouveaux - For Ever and A Day

Laurie Anderson - Big Sciece

Stig lindberg "Karneval"

cover by Lance Stirling for World Record Club

The Beatles - Nowhere Man 1966

Сaravan - Cunning Stunts

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

Pink Floyd - Pulse

Pink Floyd - Oh By the Way

Tags: vinyl records, обложки пластинок

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