Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

журнал «The New Yorker» 1926 года.

New York Magazine 1926

1926-01-02 by Rea Irvin

1926-01-09 by Hans Stengel

1926-01-16 by Stanley W. Reynolds

1926-01-23 by James Daugherty

1926-01-30 by Rea Irvin

1926-02-06 by Victor Bobritsky

1926-02-13 by Ilonka Karasz

1926-02-27 by H.O. Hofman

1926-03-06 by Stanley W. Reynolds

1926-03-13 by H.O. Hofman

1926-03-20 by Stanley W. Reynolds


1926-04-03 by Rea Irvin

1926-04-10 by H.O. Hofman

1926-04-17 by Clayton Knight

1926-04-24 by Ilonka Karasz

1926-05-01 by Ottmar Gaul

1926-05-08 Baseball Player by Victor Bobritsky

1926-05-15 by Ronald McRae

1926-05-22 by Julian De Miskey

1926-05-29 by Stanley W. Reynolds

Tags: magazine cover, журнал «The New Yorker»

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