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Графика из винтажных журналов.

Greece TWA PosterFrom Illustration for Today textbook 1963.

Ruodi Barth Illustration. Poster. From Gebrauchsgraphik 7, 1955.

Kazumasa Nagai Illustration .From Graphis Annual 70/71.

Marce Mayhew Illustration.
Detail from an advertisement for Rand McNally & Co's maps. From Graphis Annual 54/55.

Ortiz Berrocal Illustration Poster for Spanish Tourist Office. From Graphis Annual 64/65.

Raymond Peynet Illustration.From Graphis Annual 56/57.

Washington DC TWA PosterFrom Illustration Today textbook 1963.

Jan B. Balet IllustrationGraphis Annual 1955/56.

Józef Mroszczak Illustration From Gebruachsgraphik No. 11, 1956

Donald Brun Illustration Poster for SWISSAIR airlines. From Graphis Annual 58/59.

C. Vanden Eynde Illustration. From Graphis Annual 64/65.

Yasuro Urugawa Illustration booklet Japanese Celluloid Manufacturers. From Graphis Annual 56/56.

Air India Ad.Artist S.N. Surti, art director J.B. Cowasji. From Graphis Annual 62/63

François Vernier Illustration.
Posters for French tourist centers, issued by Air France. From Graphis Annual 62/63.

Franco Barberis Illustration.From Graphis Annual 54/55

Hugo Wetli Illustration.
Poster for the Swiss National Tourist Office to promote winter holidays in the Grisons. From Graphis Annual 66/67

Eliezer Weishoff Illustration.Tourism Poster for the city of Jerusalem. From Graphis Annual 66/67.

Jan Lenica Illustration.
Poster for a Warsaw production of Stravinsky's ballet, Sacre du Printemps.From Graphis Annual 63/64

Hiroshi Konno Illustration.From Graphis Annual 1955/56.

B. Løkeland Illustration 4Cover of a 1972 Royal Viking Line Menu/Front

B. Løkeland Illustration 2Cover of a 1972 Royal Viking Line Menu.

Eryk Lipinski Illustration.
Poster for an Italian film (Seduced and Abandoned) shown in Poland. From Graphis Annual 66/67.

Joseph Low Illustration.From Graphis Annual 1955/56

Pino Tovaglia Ink and Wash DrawingFrom Graphis 96, 1961.

John Henry Illustration
Record jacket for The Hawk in Paris. From Gebrauchsgraphik No. 6, 1960.

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