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Vintage Magazine Illustrations

A R Embrace - Thornton Utz for Cosmopolitan.

1954 cartoon by JKR From Esquire.
Брачное Агентство. "Мадам, у нас нет такого мужчины с качествами, которые вы указали в своем списке - под это описание я могу предложить только, собаку?"

1960 illustration by Peter Stevens.From The Saturday Evening Post.

Mauro Scali

Robert Peak

Tom Lovell

illustration by Fritz Willis From Esquire.

Jim Schaeffing for Cosmopolitan.

Illustration by Henry C Brewer RI. From The Illustrated London News

1965 illustration by Andy Virgil From Woman

Story by Alex Stuart. From Woman's Day 1958

1930 Illustration by Forster.From Britannia & Eve.

1029 Charles C. Squires

Poolside - Edwin Georgi

Jim Schaeffing for Cosmopolitan.

1951 Beall Collier - Collier's magazine

1960 illustration by Bernard D'Andrea. From The Saturday Evening Post.

From Woman's Weekly.1972

1960 John Falter Couverture de The Saturday Evening Post.

1934 illustration by W Smithson Broadhead.From Good Housekeeping.

1965 illustration by Michael Johnson.From Woman.

1957 illustration by Lynn Buckham. From The Saturday Evening Post.

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