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Винтажные иллюстрации.

by Margaret Cousins. From Woman's Journal.

1952 illustration by Joe De Mers. From Woman's Own

1954 cartoon by Mike LudlowFrom Esquire.

1935 illustration by Treyer Evans. From Good Housekeeping.

1954 cartoon by JKR.From Esquire

1955 illustration by Mike Ludlow.From Esquire

1954 cartoon by Jean Van Saun.From Esquire

1935 Matt Clarke illustration. From Good Housekeeping.

1954 cartoon by Mike Ludlow.From Esquire.
"I've prepared our dinner menus for the week, dear – Monday, lobster at Armand's; Tuesday, steak at Hickory House; Wednesday, soft-shell clams sauté Breton at that little French place; Thursday…"

1960 illustration by Oliver Brabbins. From Woman's Realm

1962 illustration by Darrel Greene From Woman's Journal.

952 illustration by Aubrey Rix. From Woman's Own.

1956 illustration by Kurt Ard.From Woman.

1957 illustration by Jon Whitcomb. From Woman's Own.

1947 illustration by George Ditton. From Woman's Own.

1961 illustration by Coby Whitmore.From The Saturday Evening Post

1960 illustration by Bernard D'Andrea. From The Saturday Evening Post.

1954 watercolour by Juliette Kida Renault. From Esquire.

1934 illustration by W Smithson Broadhead. From Good Housekeeping.

1957 illustration by Coby Whitmore.From Woman's Own

1960 illustration by Coby Whitmore. From The Saturday Evening Post.

1968 illustration by Eric Earnshaw. From Woman's Weekly.

1937 illustration by Fortunino Matania.From The Tatler magazine

1962 illustration by Imre Hofbauer. From Homes And Gardens.

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