Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Christmas vintage cover.

Liberty, december 1936. Cover art by Arthur Smith

Woman's Day, january 1949

Puck, december 1904

Time, december 1974, illustration by Jack Davis.

Christmas Cover Hearst Magazine, 1916 December by Penrhyn Stanlaws

JUDGE 1917 december, - 'Who's Who' by F. X. Leyendecker

Harper's weekly Christmas 1894

Cover by Will Bradley for St. Nicholas magazine, December 1915.

Harper's weekly, Christmas 1898 by Edward Penfield

Hildegard Woodward december 1927

Country Gentleman december 1940 by Rockwell Kent

House Beautiful december 1934 illustration by Leon Carroll

LIFE cover december 1907 by James Montgomery Flagg

The Delineator 1925 by J. Scott Williams.

St Nicholas magazine, december, 1912 cover by Norman Price

McCall's Christmas 1961

Mentor 1929 by G. de Zayas

Women's Day december 1955

Country Gentleman Cover December 1936

Tags: christmas, vintage cover

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