Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

photos by Rene Burri.

Западная Германия,1959 год. West Germany, in 1959. Photographer Rene Burri

Town of Frankfurt am Main. Train station

Town of Frankfurt am Main. Train station

old Synagogue in West Berlin.

West Berlin. Sportpalast. A controller during a Jazz

Восточная Германия.East Germany.

Old bridge on the river Main, in Wurzburg

The Reichsadler, at Wurzburg.1960

Köln. Carnival 1960

Thuringia region. Town of Weimar. 1957.

Street scene in Bonn

Wannsee Park.1961

West Berlin. 1961. Siegessaule.

Yorkstrasse.American tank.

Town of Bonn. The German army's orchestra.

The Rhur region.

Hessen region. Frankfurt am Main. 1962.Bus stop

Town of Cologne, 1961. Café.

East Berlin. Stalinallee.Visitors from West Germany. 1964

Sarre state. Town of Baumholder. 1959.The "Goldener Engel"

East Berlin. Treptow Russian war memorial. 1964. Fashion models

Tags: photographer, старые фотографии, фотограф

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