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Оригинал взят у shattenbereich в Manipulations

Room with Eye by Maurice Tabard, 1930

A Car Load of Texas Corn by George B. Cornish, 1910

A Load of Fancy Poultry by William H. Martin, 1909

A Pair of Hungry Pike by Unknown, Canadian Post Card Company, 1911

Articulos electricos para el hogar by Grete Stern, 1950

Bruno Richard Hauptmann in Electric Chair by John Wolters, 1936

Dirigible Docked on Empire State Building, New York by Unknown, 1930

Fingers of Fate – The Tightening Grip by Unknown, 1916

Fresko Shutter, Same Person 4 Times by Unknown, American, 1890

Group of Thirteen Decapitated Soldiers by Unknown, 1910

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as Artist and Model by Maurice Guibert, 1890

Io + gatto by Wanda Wulz, 1932

Jerry N. Uelsmann, 1976

Leap into the Void by Yves Klein, 1960

Lenin and Stalin in Gorky, 1922 by Unknown, 1949

Lonely Metropolitan by Herbert Bayer, 1932

Man Daydreaming about Love by Unknown, 1910

Man Drinking with the Moon by Unknown, 1910

Man on Rooftop with Eleven Men in Formation on His Shoulders by Unknown, 1930

Man Serving Head on a Platter by William Robert Bowles, 1900

Red Square by F. Daziaro, 1870

Scene of Murder and Decapitation by Unknown, 1870

Study for Holiday in the Wood by Henry Peach Robinson, 1860

The Corporal is Leading Germany into a Catastrophe by Alexander Zhitomirsky, 1941

The Reality of Our Plan is Active People by Mikhail Rozulevich, 1933

The Sleepwalker by George Platt Lynes, 1935

Times Square by Weegee, 1952

Un Coup de Pompe by Unknown, French, 1899

Woman in Champagne Glass by Howard S. Redell, 1930

Woman Riding Moth by Unknown, American, 1950

Tags: shattenbereich, старые фотографии

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