Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

James Abbe - театральное.

Mary Pickford by James Abbe,1920s

Fred and Adele Astaire 1926

1930 Louise Brooks beaute by James Abbe

Gloria Swanson,1921 by James Abbe

Dolly Sisters in 1927 by James Abbe

Dora Ford,1920s by James Abbe

Rudolph Valentino with his wife Natacha Rambova, photographed by James Abbe 1923

James Abbe, Portrait of lillian Gish, 1919

James Abbe - Gertrude Lawrence as Parisian Pierrot in London Calling!, 1923

Louise Brooks lounging,1929

James Abbe - Backstage at the Follies Bergere, 1926.

Anna Pavlova, backstage as the Fairy Doll, London, 1923. Photo by James Abbe.

Betty Blythe as The Queen of Sheba by James Abbe in Theatre, June 1921

Tags: photographer, фотограф

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