Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Обложки журнала "Плейбой"

Playboy magazine cover 1958

Playboy January 1958

~ Cover Models: Lisa Winters, Marian Stafford, June Blair, Gloria Walker, Gloria Windsor and Jean Jani

Playboy February 1958

Playboy March 1958 ~ Cover Model: Brigitte Bardot and Michiko Hamamura

Playboy April 1958 ~ Cover Model: Marilyn Dann

Playboy May 1958 ~ Cover Model: Lari Laine

Playboy June 1958 ~ Cover Model: Judy Lee Tomerlin

Playboy July 1958 ~ Cover Model: Joyce Nizzari

Playboy August 1958 Photography by Jerry White

Playboy September 1958 ~ Cover Model: Teri Hope

Playboy October 1958 ~ Cover Models: Mara Corday and Pat Sheehan

Playboy November 1958

Playboy December 1958

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