Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
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Путешествия по миру с National Geographic.

Women dancing National Geographic March 1980

With her school lacking desks, a student who has found one carries it home each day in a barrio of Managua.National Geographic. December 1985

National Geographic. April 1978

Cluster of observatories atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano.National Geographic. June 1983

Peru. National Geographic. February 1971

El Salvador.National Geographic.July December 1944

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. National Geographic. March 1980

Kids coming home from school in Kinloss, Scotland.National Geographic | July 1956

Tiwi tribesman, Australia.National Geographiс. March 1956

Water jugs being stacked near Qena, Egypt.National Geographic. March 1977

Hitchhiker at the American end of Laredo’s international bridge.National Geographic.October 1939

An Eskimo girl struggles to gouge out the eye of an already filleted arctic char. Raw fish eyes are like candy to Eskimo children. National Geographic.February 1971

Pacific walruses off of the Northwestern coast of Alaska. National Geographic. 1979

Schonbrunn in Vienna, Austria.National Geographic.February 1959

A ship slides into the Mississippi at the Avondale shipyard, 10 miles upriver from New Orleans.National Geographic.February 1971

young Moroccan women. National Geographic. January 1980

Mont Saint Michel off of the Normandy coast.National Geographic.June 1977

Snowman building in Salt Lake City, Utah.National Geographic. September 1958

Silhouettes on a boat’s rigging at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.National Geographic. August 1968

“Hug me!” National Geographic. June 1980

Graus market in Huesca, Spain.National Geographic. March 1956

Strawberry anemones.National Geographic.April 1980

Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, Montana.National Geographic May 1985

Young cheetah in Southwest Africa.National Geographic February 1972

Thailand.National Geographic | February 1972

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