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Чикагские гастролёры. Архивы "Chicago Tribune Photography".

Actress and movie star Joan Crawford at the Pump Room, May 5, 1952. (Chicago Tribune historical photo)

Child actor Jackie Cooper cuts the ribbon just before the departure of the Broadway Limited on its initial eighteen-hour run for here to New York, April 25, 1932.

Actress Ina Claire, who plays the lead role in "The Fatal Weakness" shown in her dressing room making the quick change just before her last scene at the Selwyn Theater, April 9, 1947.

Present and past Ziegfeld chorus gals, September 2, 1941

Actor Maurice Chevalier drinks a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at a bar, March 24, 1933.

Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong at LaSalle Station in Chicago, July 21, 1934. Wong was the first international Asian-American film star, and the first to have her own television show

Edith Storey, movie actress, and Antonio Moreno, movie actor.

TV star Lawrence Welk and Mildred Stanley at the Edgewater Beach Walk, Sept. 11, 1939.

Comedian, perfomer, actor, singer, songwriter Jimmy Durante Nov. 15, 1947.

Barbara Stanwyck and her husband Robert Taylor, in the Morrison Hotel. Feb. 1, 1947. Stanwyck was a very successful actress, making 93 movies in her carreer. In 1944 she was the highest paid woman in the United Sates

Polish actress Pola Negri at the State and Lake Theater, November 23, 1933.

Spanish actress and performer Conchita Montenegro, April 4, 1932.

Movie stars "Flash" in a dog movie, eating dinner with "Tony" the horse and Western film actor Tom Mix, April 26, 1929. Mix was the first Western megastar and helped define the genre. He made 291 films between 1909-35

Actor Adolphe Menjou in Chicago, November 13, 1925

Will Rogers in 1932. He was one of the world's best-known performers in the 1920s and 30s. Rogers died in a plane crash in 1932.

Mary Pickford painting her lips at LaSalle Station, Feb. 13, 1947. One of the greatest female actors of all time, Pickford is part of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Actress Carole Lombard in Chicago, September 15, 1934. The most successful actress of the 1930s, Lombard was also famous for her marriage to actor Clark Gable in 1939. Lombard died tragically in 1942 in plane crash.

Movie actress Clara Kimball Young and Harry Garson. Young was born in Chicago and very popular in the early days of the silent film. Garson was a film director and produce

Actor and comedian Frank Fay, March 2, 1949

Frank Buck holding a central American iguana, June 13, 1934. Frank Buck was an actor, collector of wild animals, and author, most famous for the book "Bring 'em back alive."

Actor and comedian Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle at the Joseph Henry Steiners Birthday Party

Actress and movie star Katharine Hepburn, right, on her way to visit her mother in Connecticut,Feb. 7, 1947.

Movie director Frank Capra, Dec. 29, 1931.

Film actress Clara Bow, Jul. 7 1930. Bow was the original "It" girl, a silent film star and a symbol of the roaring 20s.

Actor and move star Wallace Beery at the Sherman Hotel in Chicago, March 30, 1931. Beery won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1931 for "The Champ" which he starred in with Jackie Cooper.

Movie stars Theda Bara, left and Norma Talmadge in Chicago, March 20, 1926

Actor Douglas Fairbanks in Chicago, February 6, 1933. Married to Mary Pickford, the couple was considered Hollywood royalty. Fairbanks hosted the first Oscars Ceremony in 1929

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