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Albert Kahn’s Archives Of The Planet. Первые цветные фотографии из архива Albert Kahn

Первая часть
Вторая часть
Algeria 1909-11

Bou Saada, Algeria 1909-11

Young woman weaving a carpet, Algeria, 1909

Greece 1913 costumed trio photographer Auguste Léon

Salonika, Greece,1913 by Auguste Léon

Mount Athos, Greece, 1913 by Stéphane Passet

Africa.Morocco January 1913

Three women, Tehran, Iran 1927

Volendam, Holland 29 August 1929 by Stéphane Passet

Concarneau, France July 1929 by Roger Dumas

France 1920 by George Chevalier

France 1917 by Paul Castelnau

Albert Kahn’s Archives France: In Brittany, a pair of Chasse-Gueux, lawyers

Vietnam An orderly shades the leader of the Ha-dong province by Leon Busy 1916

Palestinian Woman With Pipe, Jerusalem 1918

Albert Kahn collection - Mongolia, 1913

Married woman in Urga


Mongolian woman sentenced to starvation death


Temple in Urga

Triumphal Gates of the Yellow Palace in Urga

Two Buryat riders in Troitskosavske

Two Cossack soldiers in Urga

Badamdorj in vicinity of the Yellow Palace, Urga

Nomadic settlement in Inner Mongolia. China, 1912 (a shot from the previous expedition to China)

Albert Kahn Mongolian yurtas

Albert Kahn’s Archives
Albert Kahn’s Archives
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