Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Мгновения жизни. Photographer Ferdinando Scianna.

Spain. Andalusia. Sevilla. 1991

Portugal. Lisbon. 1990

Mali. 1993

Italy. Sicily 1964

USA. New York City. 1963

Italy. Sicily 1964.

USA. Manhattan. 1985

Italy. Milan. Fashion show. 1987

Italy.Singing in the pub 1966

Spain. Town of Salamanca. 1983

Spain. Near Cordoba. 1984

Lebanon. Beirut. Civil war. Christian 1976

model Gisele.Egypt. Kings Valley. 1989.

Italy. 1991

Piazza del Duomo

Italy.Retired men at their club.

Germany. Munich. Carnival. 1971

Italy. Sicily. 1987

Bolivia. La Paz. 1986

Мгновения жизни. Photographer Ferdinando Scianna.

Tags: photographer, street art, уличные фото, фотограф

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