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интересные графические работы в оформлении обложек для пластинок

Stan Getz, Design by Burt Goldblat

Count Basie 1955 Illustration: Andy Warhol

Woody Herman - Illustration:P. Adler

Alto SaxsArt Illustration: David Stone Martin

Tenor SaxesArt Illustration: David Stone Martin

Charlie Parker Vol 6. Illustration: David Stone Martin

Inside Sauter-Finegan 1954 Illustration: Jim Flora

Johnny Hodges record. David Stone Martin ar

Benny Goodman

Jim War of the Bands Illustration: Jim Flora

Lester Young Collates. Illustration:David Stone Martin

Cool Gabriels Illustration: Andy Worhol

Phillips Flip wails Illustration:David Stone Martin

Sauter Finegan Concert Jazz Illustration: Jim Flora

The Natural Seven 1955 Design: Auerbach

Benny Goodman sextet 45

Bette Midler

1936 Honor Roll of Hits art Gerry Gersten

Jazz for PeopleArt By Gerry Gersten

1926 EP Honor Roll of Hits Cover Art By Gerry Gersten

1929 EP Honor Roll of Hits Art by Gerry Gersten

From Monty with Love. Hirshfield Artwork

An Evening With Beatrice Lillie

Ella Fitzgerald. Art by Bernard Buffet

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Tags: vinyl records, графика, обложки пластинок

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