Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Vintage Magazine cover

College Humor, April 1930s

Modern Packaging, March 1938

by Scott Evans Liberty 1936

Marianne Faithfull cover of ‘Mademoiselle age tendre’, 1965

Pop Weekly N° 8 17th October 1964

Spinnerin cover 1965

Esquire cover

Marianne Faithfull cover of ‘Mademoiselle age tendre’,

Film Fun, "Three To Get Ready" (1941) by Enoch Bolles

Dazed cover Milla Jovovitch/June 1999 | Because She’s Worth It Photography Terry Richardson

LIFE cover 1931

Physical Culture 1939-12

La Vie Parisienne, March 28, 1931

Harpers Bazaar cover 1943

Wereld magazine cover 1954

Simplicissimus magazine 1928

Simplicissimus magazine 1927

Simplicissimus magazine

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Recent Posts from This Journal