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Редкие фотографии Роберта Редфорда, 1969 года

Robert Redford, New York City 1969. Just a few blocks away, at the Biltmore Theater on 47th Street, was where the actor got his first major notices as the star of Neil Simon's 1963 Broadway play, Barefoot in the Park.

Robert Redford, New York City 1969

Robert Redford with son Jamie, daughter Shauna and two unidentified companions, New York City, 1969

Robert Redford with his son, Jamie, in New York City, 1969

Redford looks over promotional material for his film, Downhill Racer , New York City, 1969.

Redford with his daughter, Shauna, in New York City, 1969

Robert Redford and his family (his first wife, Lola van Wagenen; son, Jamie; and daughter, Shauna), Utah, 1969

Robert Redford ("the Sundance Kid") with a cardboard cut-out of Paul Newman ("Butch Cassidy"), Utah, 1969

Robert Redford, Utah, 1969.

With the family's cat curled up in his lap at his Utah retreat, Robert Redford takes a break from reading a script

Robert Redford, Utah, 1969

архив журнала LIFE by John Dominis /Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

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