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Katia Lexx

Мужчины в живописи

James Chapin, "Deer Hunter"

Kuniyoshi’s Cats by Paul Binnie, 2004

Frederick Sandys : Portrait of Cyril Flower, Lord Battersea 1872

The Mechanic, 1920Fernand Léger (French, 1881-1955)

Yue Minjun, Hats Series-The Lovers, 2005

Nebojsa Zdravkovic - In the Green Room.

Hope Gangloff

Grosz - Street Scene 1925

Василий Шульженко

George Grosz, The Poet

Daniel Barkley

Maxence Edgar

Diego Rivera | Portrait of the Adolfo Best Maugard, 1913

Rudolf Hausner: gelber narrenhut, 1955.

Gustave Caillebotte: Homme au Balcon Boulevard Haussmann, 1880.

Lucian Freud

The Art Dealer Alfred Flechtheim - Otto Dix

Marc Chagall - David, 1914.

Jeanne Mammen: Portrait of Max Delbrück, 1937.

Otto Griebel - Der Shiffsheizer, 1920.

Anto Carte Le passeur, 1941

Portrait of Kazimierz Lewandowski, 1898 by Stanislaw Wyspianski.

Painting by Lou Ros

by Kris Knight

Saida Afonina, A Kornilovite

Frank Hughes

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