Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Японские дети в рисунках Helen Hyde (1868-1919)

Little Pink Plum 1913
Little Pink Plum 1913 Helen Hyde

The White Peacock 1914
The White Peacock 1914 Helen Hyde

A Windy Ride 1913
A Windy Ride 1913 Helen Hyde

The Puppy cat and the Baby 1904
The Puppy-cat and the Baby 1904 Helen Hyde

The Hired Baby 1909
The Hired Baby 1909 Helen Hyde

April Evening 1910
An April Evening 1910 Helen Hyde

The Greeting 1910
The Greeting 1910 Helen Hyde

The Go-Cart 1913
The Go-Cart 1913 Helen Hyde Born: Lima, N

Baby Talk 1908
Baby Talk 1908 Helen Hyde

Blossom Time in Tokyo 1914
Blossom Time in Tokyo 1914 Helen Hyde

Feeding the Bunnies 1912
Feeding the Bunnies 1912 Helen Hyde

Day Dreams 1901
Day Dreams 1901 Helen Hyde
A Weary Little Mother 1914
A Weary Little Mother 1914 Helen Hyde

Teasing the Daruma 1905
Teasing the Daruma 1905 Helen Hyde

The Family Umbrella 1915
The Family Umbrella 1915 Helen Hyde

Hide and Seek 1897
Hide and Seek 1897 Helen Hyde

Goblin Lanterns 1906 Helen Hyde

New Years Day in Tokyo 1914
New Year's Day in Tokyo 1914 Helen Hyde

Going to the Fair 1910
Going to the Fair 1910 Helen Hyde

Bamboo Gate 1915
Bamboo Gate 1915 Helen Hyde

Tags: vintage art, арт, арт барахолка, япония

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