Katia Lexx (katia_lexx) wrote,
Katia Lexx

Обложки журнала "Плейбой" за 1954 год

Playboy magazine cover December 1953 Marilyn Monroe

The first issue of Playboy magazine, featuring Marilyn Monroe on the cover, was created by Hugh Hefner on the kitchen table of his South Side Chicago apartment. Financed with $600 of Hefner's money and less than $8,000 of raised capital, the magazine appeared on newsstands in December 1953 and sold more than 51,000 copies

Playboy magazine cover January 1954

February 1954

March 1954 Cover Model: Joanne Arnold

April 1954

May 1954

June 1954

July 1954

August 1954

September 1954

October 1954. Cover Model: Madeline Castle American model

November 1954

December 1954 Cover Model: Terry Ryan

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