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Хулиганы какие то ...

часто вижу эти снимки, но мало кто пишет за что..решила исправить эту ситуацию.

Dennis Hopper, 1975 , reckless driving.
Dennis Hopper, 1975

Sid Vicious, 1978 - was accused of the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen in New York in 1978
Sid Vicious, 1978

Johnny Cash, 1965 - possession of pills and tranquilizers
Johnny Cash, 1965

Anna Nicole Smith,1989 - drunk driving
Anna Nicole Smith,1989

Nick Nolte - DUI, 2002 - пьяный дебош
Nick Nolte

Christian Slater 1994 - criminal possession of a weapon
Christian Slater 1994

Lindsay Lohan -DUI, drug possession.. неоднократно.
Mugshot Lindsay Lohan

Macauley Culkin 2004 - for possession of marijuana and two controlled dangerous substances .
Mugshot Macauley Culkin  2004

Snoop Dogg - possession of a collapsible baton, 2006
Snoop Dogg

Mickey Rourke - was held by police in 1994 for attacking his former wife, Carre Otis.
Mickey Rourke Mugshot

Al Pacino, 1961 - was picked up by police in Rhode Island in 1961 for concealing a weapon.
Al Pacino, 1961

David Crosby , 2004 - Drug and gun possession charges
David Crosby 2004

Jim Morrison 1963 - ???
Jim Morrison 1963

Jim Morrison, 1970 - was arrested on stage in 1967 for public order offences
Jim Morrison, 1970

Elvis, 1958 - ??
Elvis, 1958

Elvis had his mugshot taken during a private visit to the FBI headquarters in 1970.

Dudley Moore was charged in 1994 with beating up his girlfriend Nicole Rothschild. Domestic violence.
mugshots Dudley Moore

Mike Tyson 2006 - drunk driving and cocaine possession charges following a police stop outside an Arizona nightclub
Mike Tyson 2006

Robert Downey Jr.1999 - was arrested in August 1999 while serving time on a drug conviction.
Robert Downey Jr.1999

Woody Harrelson - was arrested by Columbus, Ohio, police in October 1982 and charged with disturbing the peace (he was allegedly dancing in the middle of a busy road and tried to run away from the cops).
Woody Harrelson

"Transformers" Shia LaBeouf 2007 - has been arrested for being intoxicated and trespassing in a Chicago drugstore.
"Transformers"  Shia LaBeouf 2007

Actor Haley Joel Osment - then-18-year-old actor suffered minor injuries after crashing his station wagon while returning to Los Angeles following a concert. He was subsequently charged with drunk driving and marijuana possession, and released from custody after posing $15,000 bond.
Actor Haley Joel Osment

Mel Gibson 2006 DUI - пьяный дебош
Mel Gibson 2006

Actor Matt Dillon 2008 - speeding
Actor Matt Dillon 2008

Hugh Grant 1995 - by Hollywood police who caught him in the act with hooker Divine Brown
Hugh Grant 1995

Actor Daniel Baldwin 2006 - on drug possession
Actor Daniel Baldwin 2006

Jane Fonda, 1970 - was arrested at Cleveland airport in 1970 in possession of 'suspicious pills', and kicked the policeman who apprehended her. The pills were innocent vitamins, and charges dropped.
Jane Fonda, 1970

Ozzy Osbourne ,1984 - public intoxication
Ozzy Osbourne (1984)

Jimi Hendrix - was arrested at Toronto airport in 1969 after drugs were found in his luggage.
VERDICT: He was acquitted after claiming the drugs were planted.
Jimi Hendrix (1969)

Frank Sinatra,1938 - adultery and seduction
Frank Sinatra (1938 )

David Bowie - was held by police on drugs charges after a concert in New York in 1976. After appearing in court, charges were dropped.
David Bowie - 1976

Larry King 1971 - grand larceny
Larry King 1971

Steven Tyler , 1967 - was busted for for pot possession in Yonkers, New York. He was 18 years old and it was the Summer Of Love
Steven Tyler 1967

was held by police in 1994 for attacking his former wife, Carre Otis.VERDICT: The model withdrew her complaint.
Mickey Rourke Mugshot

Prince, 1997 - ??
Prince, 1997

James Brown, 1988 - Drug Possession (Marijuana), unlawful use of a firearm
James Brown, 1988

Mick Jagger (1967) / Drug Possession
Mick Jagger, 1970

Steve McQueen, 1972 - DUI// Drunk driving
Steve McQueen, 1972

Bill Gates (1977) - Driving without a license
Bill Gates  (1977)

Axl Rose (1980) - Petty larceny
Axl Rose (1980) -Petty larceny

Malcom X (1946) / Burglary, carrying a concealed weapon
Malcom X (1946) / Burglary, carrying a concealed weapon

Tim Allen (1977) .Drug Trafficking
Tim Allen (1977) .Drug Trafficking

Jerry Lee Lewis (1976) / Carrying a concealed weapon, public intoxication
Jerry Lee Lewis (1976)

Janis Joplin (1969) - была арестована. во Флориде за неприличные жесты полицейскому.
Janis Joplin  (1969)

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